2020 Fargo Baseball Photo Days

The players have taken field!  As we start to return to some degree of normal, baseball is back to usher in the warm days of summer.

We listen to the bat’s sharp ring as it makes perfect contact, watch the outfielders squinting into sunset searching for the ball, and smell that dust kicked up as he’s rounding third.  Baseball is summer, even without the seeds and with some quality social distancing!

  • We are ready to capture a quick slice of this season with great photos to add to your wall.  Doing things a little differently than in years past, on photo day the players will form a well-spaced line with their team outside the ATTIC.  We will bring the line in one door, and the players will exit through another door one by one.
  • All the BOT staff will be wearing masks, we won’t be touching the kids at all, and that means we won’t be adjusting uniforms either.  So please make sure your player is dressed and ready with uniform, hat and a bat or glove (Remember – NO CLEATS).  They won’t be allowed to share at all.
  • We won’t be shooting the traditional tight group team photo, or the shoulder to shoulder team panoramic style.  We’ll be something new and special for baseball and softball this season.  The photographers will shoot an extra photo of each player to digitally create a cool team composite instead.
  • Online ordering will be the definite preference for everyone, it’s our version of contact-less payments.  The printable form is still around, just simply drop the form and your check in an envelope with player’s name, team and age-group on the outside.

Questions?  Please let us know!  Just follow the link to the Fargo Baseball info page to get started…

Talk to you soon,