2020 Fargo Freeze Hockey Photo Days

Hockey season is almost rolling again!  We can’t wait to get photos of the kids this season, all right here before Christmas.  We’ve made a few adjustment to keep safety a priority.

We are all used to masks and social distancing by this point.  And we will be making this mandatory during every part of the photo process, except the moment we take the pictures of your player.

With our current plan, the process should move smoothly with no additional delays. If you have questions about your order, or the ordering process though, please call our studio during the day rather than waiting until the night of photos.

If your family is in quarantine during your scheduled time, don’t worry!  Call us immediately to get on our schedule here at the studio once your player is done.  Coaches, please verify that all your quarantined players have scheduled with us directly for photos.

Follow the link below to get to the schedule and ordering information.  Have a great season!