BAS Studio Photo Day 2016

BAS Studio Photo Days are here!  Photos start at 3:30pm Tuesday March 1st, see schedule below…


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Tuesday March 1st
4:00-All Star Petites
4:15-Jazz/kick I
4:30-Ballet I
4:45-Tap II
5:00-Tap I
5:15-Twinkle Toes
5:45-Tutu Tots
6:00-Boys Hip Hop
6:15-Girls Hip Hop I
6:30-Jazz/Kick II
7:15-Ballet II
7:30-Girls Hip Hop II
7:45-All Stars
8:00-Tap III
8:15-All Star Exclusives JR
8:30-Ballet III
8:45-All Star Elite JR
9:00-All Star Elite (unbroken)
9:15-All Star Elite Sr
9:30-Girls Hip Hop III
9:45-All Star Exclusive Sr


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Of course, if you don’t have a form and don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always download our printable PDF version. Paperclip your check to this form on photo day and you’ll be all set!

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