FM Athletics Dome Days Football 2018

We’re headed back to the FargoDome for more great youth football!  FM Athletics Dome Days 2018 is here, and we can’t wait to be a part of the show! Best of Times will be shooting team panoramics, individual proshots, action photos AND selling event t-shirts, again right down from concessions. And like last year… PRE-ORDER your shirts!



  • CHECK OUT T-shirt and hoodie PRE-ORDERS right here online!
  • Ordering your shirt at the event means waiting in line, hoping we have your size AND waiting for us to make your custom shirt.  Bypass that line and ensure your size. Order right now!
  • We will produce your shirt with a name on the back, and have it waiting for you when you arrive.
  • APPAREL PRE-ORDER DEADLINE Make sure to place your apparel pre-order BY THURSDAY 10/25!

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  • PRE-ORDER your action photos right here online!
  • Simply give us the details, pre-pay for your action photos and go watch the game.
  • For $49 we will shoot your athlete out on the Fargo Dome field and you get all the great shots.
  • PHOTO PRE-ORDER DEADLINE Make sure to place your apparel pre-order BY FRIDAY 10/26!

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  • Our Team Panoramics are a super cool poster of your kid’s team, and just a great way to commemorate the season.
  • We give every team a chance to step in front of the lights and camera, just call us to schedule your time.
  • Look below for the current schedule, and see where your team can fit in.
  • COACHES MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE their photo time calling (218)512-0632 or (218)512-0373.

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Date Photo Time Team
Sat, 27-Oct 9:00 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 9:30 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 10:00 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 10:30 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 11:00 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 11:30 AM
Sat, 27-Oct 12:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 12:30 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 1:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 1:15 PM Individual Pro-Shots
Sat, 27-Oct 1:30 PM Northern Cass Jaguars
Sat, 27-Oct 2:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 2:30 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 3:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 3:30 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 4:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 4:30 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 5:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 5:30 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 6:00 PM
Sat, 27-Oct 6:30 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 9:00 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 9:30 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 10:00 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 10:30 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 11:00 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 11:30 AM
Sun, 28-Oct 12:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 12:30 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 1:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 1:30 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 2:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 2:30 PM LPA Mavericks
Sun, 28-Oct 3:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 3:30 PM LPA Raiders
Sun, 28-Oct 4:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 4:30 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 5:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 5:30 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 6:00 PM
Sun, 28-Oct 6:30 PM
COACHES MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE their photo time calling (218)512-0632 or (218)512-0373.


Make sure to talk to your coach for the official time…


Thanks folks!   Call us with questions and see you on game day! -BOT

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