Fargo Baseball – 2019 Photo Days

Calling all Fargo Baseball Parents…  It’s time for great photos again this year!


We have a few things to note so that the photos go as smoothly as possible.


[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]All photos will be shot indoors at the Fargo Baseball offices/batting cages at the ATTIC (map). Arrive 10 minutes early with bat, glove and full uniform but NO CLEATS. Make sure to tuck in the jersey!


[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]All early ordering can be done online here by following the link below, although order forms will be available on photo day. A printable PDF is available if you prefer, just simply print the form, fill in the details and clip your payment to the page. No staples, please.


[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]Check out the Memory Mate! Last year we rolled out a new style with the Fargo Baseball photos and after the great response, we’re bringing it back again! We always love to hear your feedback, so if there is something you love make sure to tell us!


[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/product-category/team-individual-orders/” text=”dark” window=”no” color=”#f6a800″]Order Online[/button] [button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/ORDER-FORM-05-17-19.pdf” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Printable Order Form[/button] [button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BOTPIX-PRODUCT-INFO-03-25-19.pdf” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Printable Product Info[/button]


Let us know if you have any questions.  See you next week!  -BOT

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[tab title=”Photo Day Schedule”]

Updated Schedule as of 5/21 1:45p

Tue 5/28  5:30 PM 8U OnPoint Insurance
Tue 5/28  5:40 PM 8U Pizza Ranch
Tue 5/28  5:50 PM 11U Serkland Law
Tue 5/28  6:00 PM 11U Eide Bailly
Tue 5/28  6:10 PM 8U Great Plains Transport
Tue 5/28  6:20 PM 8U American Family – Ken Kraft Agency
Tue 5/28  6:30 PM OPEN
Tue 5/28  6:40 PM 11U Rohrich Custom Concrete
Tue 5/28  6:50 PM 8U Eagleridge Royals
Tue 5/28  7:00 PM 8U Crown Trophy
Tue 5/28  7:10 PM RESERVED
Tue 5/28  7:20 PM RESERVED
Tue 5/28  7:30 PM 10U Choice Bank (moved from Wed 7:50p)
Tue 5/28  7:40 PM 11U Tru Craft
Tue 5/28  7:50 PM 12U Progressive Therapy
Tue 5/28  8:00 PM 12U Haberdashery
Tue 5/28  8:10 PM 12U Berkshire Hathaway
Tue 5/28  8:20 PM 12U Scheels
Tue 5/28  8:30 PM 13U Skari Dentistry
Tue 5/28  8:40 PM 13U Rohrich Custom Concrete
Tue 5/28  8:50 PM 12U Gate City Bank
Tue 5/28  9:00 PM OPEN
Tue 5/28  9:10 PM 13U Essentia Health
Tue 5/28  9:20 PM 13U O’Keefe Attorneys
Wed 5/29  5:30 PM 6U SkyZone Navy
Wed 5/29  5:40 PM 8U Tester & Holman
Wed 5/29  5:50 PM 9U Wallwork Financial
Wed 5/29  6:00 PM 6U Casey’s General Store
Wed 5/29  6:10 PM 8U Century Builders
Wed 5/29  6:20 PM 9U Cornerstone Bank
Wed 5/29  6:30 PM 6U CashWise
Wed 5/29  6:40 PM 9U SkyZone (moved from Fri 7:10)
Wed 5/29  6:50 PM RESERVED
Wed 5/29  7:00 PM RESERVED
Wed 5/29  7:10 PM 9U RamJack
Wed 5/29  7:20 PM 8U Eicholz Masonry
Wed 5/29  7:30 PM 8U HUHOT RED (moved from Wed 8:20)
Wed 5/29  7:40 PM 10U Weisgram Metal
Wed 5/29  7:50 PM 11U Home Escapes (moved from Tues 7:30)
Wed 5/29  8:00 PM 10U Wood Specialists
Wed 5/29  8:10 PM 11U Light Financial Services (moved from Tues 6:30)
Wed 5/29  8:20 PM OPEN
Wed 5/29  8:30 PM 15U Post 400
Wed 5/29  8:40 PM 15U Scheels
Wed 5/29  8:50 PM 15U Courtyard by Marriott
Wed 5/29  9:00 PM 15U Foss Spine and Wellness
Wed 5/29  9:10 PM 12U Scheels Americans (moved from Thur 9p)
Wed 5/29  9:20 PM OPEN
Thu 5/30  5:30 PM 8U Rainbow Play Systems
Thu 5/30  5:40 PM 8U SkyZone
Thu 5/30  5:50 PM 11U Strive Chiropractic
Thu 5/30  6:00 PM 11U Red Pepper
Thu 5/30  6:10 PM 8U HuHot Black
Thu 5/30  6:20 PM 8U BNG Team
Thu 5/30  6:30 PM 11U Roehrich Financial Services
Thu 5/30  6:40 PM 11U Scheels
Thu 5/30  6:50 PM 8U Scheels Red
Thu 5/30  7:00 PM 8U Fredrikson, Byron Law
Thu 5/30  7:10 PM RESERVED
Thu 5/30  7:20 PM RESERVED
Thu 5/30  7:30 PM 11U Play It Again Sports
Thu 5/30  7:40 PM 11U Riverside Plumbing/Avis
Thu 5/30  7:50 PM 12U Filta
Thu 5/30  8:00 PM 12U Park Co. Realtors
Thu 5/30  8:10 PM 12U Doolittles
Thu 5/30  8:20 PM 12U HuHot
Thu 5/30  8:30 PM 13U HuHot Black
Thu 5/30  8:40 PM 13U Scheels
Thu 5/30  8:50 PM 12U First Class Mortgage
Thu 5/30  9:00 PM 11 Travel Fargo Post 2
Thu 5/30  9:10 PM 13U JuHot Yellow
Thu 5/30  9:20 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  5:30 PM 6U Commy, Feste Ltd.
Fri 5/31  5:40 PM 8U Sanford
Fri 5/31  5:50 PM 9U BNG Team
Fri 5/31  6:00 PM 6U Essentia Health
Fri 5/31  6:10 PM 8U RehabAuthority
Fri 5/31  6:20 PM 9U Precision Lawn
Fri 5/31  6:30 PM 6U Innovative Basement systems
Fri 5/31  6:40 PM 8U Rohrich Custom Concrete
Fri 5/31  6:50 PM RESERVED
Fri 5/31  7:00 PM RESERVED
Fri 5/31  7:10 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  7:20 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  7:30 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  7:40 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  7:50 PM 10U Scheels
Fri 5/31  8:00 PM 10U Sanford
Fri 5/31  8:10 PM 10U Post 2
Fri 5/31  8:20 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  8:30 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  8:40 PM 15U General Equipment
Fri 5/31  8:50 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  9:00 PM 15U HuHot
Fri 5/31  9:10 PM OPEN
Fri 5/31  9:20 PM OPEN
Mon 6/03  5:20 PM 15U  HuHot (moved from Fri. 9:o0p)
Mon 6/03  5:30 PM 6U Wells Fargo
Mon 6/03  5:40 PM 8U Scheels Black
Mon 6/03  5:50 PM 9U Best of Times Photography
Mon 6/03  6:00 PM 6U All-Terrain
Mon 6/03  6:10 PM 8U Goldmark
Mon 6/03  6:20 PM 9U Courtyard by Marriott
Mon 6/03  6:30 PM 6U Scheels
Mon 6/03  6:40 PM 8U Choice Wealth
Mon 6/03  6:50 PM 8U Apex Physical Therapy (moved from Wed 6:40p)
Mon 6/03  7:00 PM RESERVED
Mon 6/03  7:10 PM 9U Scheels
Mon 6/03  7:20 PM 6U SkyZone Gray
Mon 6/03  7:30 PM 8U Doolittles
Mon 6/03  7:40 PM 10U Lucky 13
Mon 6/03  7:50 PM 10U Window World
Mon 6/03  8:00 PM 9U Advantage Credit Bureau (moved from Wed 7:30p)
Mon 6/03  8:10 PM 15U Haberdashery (moved from Fri 8:50p)
Mon 6/03  8:20 PM 10 Travel Fargo Stars
Mon 6/03  8:30 PM 13 Travel Foss Spine and Wellness
Mon 6/03  8:40 PM 15 Travel Foss Spine and Wellness
Mon 6/03  8:50 PM 6U SkyZone Orange (moved from Fri 7:20p)
Mon 6/03  9:00 PM OPEN
Mon 6/03  9:10 PM OPEN

[tab title=”Digital Insert”]Although we’d love for every player to attend their scheduled photo time, we know conflicts come up.  To accommodate, we have a few options for you to consider:[hr]

  1. First, let us know that your player will not be able to attend and we can list them on the roster as ” Not pictured”.  And, we can schedule their individual photo on a different photo day or time.
  2. Second, if you are looking for something more, we offer a “Digital Insert” package for a reasonable minimum purchase of $50.  With some simple planning to leave an empty space in the team photo, we can take your player’s photo separately and digitally insert them into the photo like they were there.

The quality is exceptional, but we must know about this special request prior to taking the team photo. Call our studio for more information at 218-512-0373.

[tab title=”Place your order!”]

  1. No forms to bring to photo day!
  2. Use your credit or debit card in our secure shopping cart.
  3. If you place your order before your photo day, we’ll deliver everything with the rest of your team by default.
  4. Need to order after? Go ahead, and choose to pickup your order here at the studio, or we can ship it right to your doorstep.
  5. When ordering on-line, please place your order 24 hours prior to photo day so we can have your player’s paperwork ready.

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/product-category/team-individual-orders/” color=”#f6a800″ text=”dark”]Place your order online now![/button][hr]

  • We accept cash, check, credit or debit card at the photo day shoot.
  • Order envelopes are available at the photo shoot, fill it out, insert payment and send it with your player.
  • But if you don’t have an envelope, and don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always download our PRINTABLE PDF version. Paperclip your check to this form on photo day and you’ll be all set!

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BOTPIX-PRINTABLE-ORDER-FORM-03-25-19.pdf” size=”large” color=”#f6a800″ window=”yes” text=”dark”]Printable Order Form[/button]