FM Athletics Football – 2018 Photo Days

Rain, rain, go away!  Games are cancelled due to weather this Sunday the 26th, and so are the team photos.


We’d love to say that we have the schedule figured out but we’re still working through the options.  We will be in touch via this page, through FM Athletics and your coaches about the rescheduled dates and times.  STAY TUNED!



Most photos will be taken Jamboree Saturday, August 18th 2017 at Moorhead Southside Regional Park (2000 40th Ave. S. , Moorhead).  Some teams though will be scheduled the following Sunday, Aug 26th, and the last teams Monday evening, Aug 27th.



The complete photo schedule is posted below.  Please look carefully for your team’s time! Occasionally coaches will call to change your team’s photo time, and we try to keep this updated with the most current times. But please check with your coach or team manager for the official word.


See you then!  -BOT


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Schedule as of 8/17 4:08p.m. See changes below…


Change on 8/10 – Bears moved to Saturday August 18th @11:35

Change on 8/13 – Spuds moved to Saturday August 18th @3:15

Change on 8/13 – Ravens moved to Saturday August 18th @11:05

Change on 8/13 – Ducks moved to Saturday August 18th @12:35

Change on 8/14 – Lakers moved to Saturday August 18th @10:30

Change on 8/14 – Hurricanes moved to Monday August 27th @5:50

Change on 8/14 – Giants moved to Monday August 27th @5:30

Change on 8/14 – Bobcats moved to Saturday August 18th @10:05

Change on 8/15 – Titans moved to Saturday August 18th @10:15

Change on 8/15 – Oilers moved to Saturday August 18th @12:45

Change on 8/17 – Cobbers moved to Sunday August 26th @12:35

Change on 8/22 – Broncos moved to 12:50 from 12:00

Change on 8/26 – All Sunday the 26th teams postponed – TBD.




FM Athletics Football

2018 Photo Days

SATURDAY August 18th

Moorhead Southside Regional Park (map)
Gophers Sat Aug 18 7:30 AM
Lions Sat Aug 18 7:35 AM
Bruins Sat Aug 18 7:45 AM
Dragons Sat Aug 18 7:50 AM
Packers Sat Aug 18 8:00 AM
Tigers Sat Aug 18 8:05 AM
Squirrels Sat Aug 18 8:15 AM
Rams Sat Aug 18 8:20 AM
Jayhawks Sat Aug 18 8:30 AM
Force Sat Aug 18 8:35 AM
Buckeyes Sat Aug 18 8:45 AM
Black Knights Sat Aug 18 8:50 AM
Gorillas Sat Aug 18 9:00 AM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 9:05 AM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 9:15 AM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 9:20 AM
Chiefs Sat Aug 18 9:30 AM
Bucs Sat Aug 18 9:35 AM
Hornets Sat Aug 18 9:45 AM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 9:50 AM
Coyotes Sat Aug 18 10:00 AM
Bobcats Sat Aug 18 10:05 AM
Titans Sat Aug 18 10:15 AM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 10:20 AM
Lakers Sat Aug 18 10:30 AM
Rebels Sat Aug 18 10:35 AM
Navy Sat Aug 18 10:45 AM
Nuggets Sat Aug 18 10:50 AM
Trojans Sat Aug 18 11:00 AM
Ravens Sat Aug 18 11:05 AM
Redhawks Sat Aug 18 11:15 AM
Mustangs Sat Aug 18 11:20 AM
Irish Sat Aug 18 11:30 AM
Bears Sat Aug 18 11:35 AM
Dolphins Sat Aug 18 11:45 AM
Cowboys Sat Aug 18 11:50 AM
49ers Sat Aug 18 12:00 PM
Otters Sat Aug 18 12:05 PM
Cardinals Sat Aug 18 12:15 PM
Patriots Sat Aug 18 12:20 PM
Raiders Sat Aug 18 12:30 PM
Ducks Sat Aug 18 12:35 PM
Oilers Sat Aug 18 12:45 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 12:50 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:00 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:05 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:15 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:20 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:30 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:35 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:45 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 1:50 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 2:00 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 2:05 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 2:15 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 2:20 PM
Mavericks Sat Aug 18 2:30 PM
Loons Sat Aug 18 2:35 PM
Jaguars Sat Aug 18 2:45 PM
Jacks Sat Aug 18 2:50 PM
Vikings Sat Aug 18 3:00 PM
Wolves Sat Aug 18 3:05 PM
SPUDS Sat Aug 18 3:15 PM
OPEN Sat Aug 18 3:20 PM


Moorhead Southside Regional Park (map)
Steelers Sun Aug 26 TBD
Saints Sun Aug 26 TBD
Spartans Sun Aug 26 TBD
Cobbers Sun Aug 26 TBD
Chargers Sun Aug 26 TBD
Broncos Sun Aug 26 TBD
Colts Sun Aug 26 TBD
Bison Sun Aug 26 TBD
Browns Sun Aug 26 TBD
Panthers Sun Aug 26 TBD
Warriors Sun Aug 26 TBD

MONDAY August 27th

Bennett Fields – South Fargo
OPEN Mon Aug 27 4:50 PM
Bills Mon Aug 27 5:00 PM
Pike Mon Aug 27 5:05 PM
Bulldogs Mon Aug 27 5:15 PM
Seahawks Mon Aug 27 5:20 PM
Giants Mon Aug 27 5:30 PM
OPEN Mon Aug 27 5:35 PM
OPEN Mon Aug 27 5:45 PM
Hurricanes Mon Aug 27 5:50 PM
Badgers Mon Aug 27 6:00 PM
Eagles Mon Aug 27 6:05 PM
Falcons Mon Aug 27 6:15 PM
Gators Mon Aug 27 6:20 PM


[tab title=”Digital Insert”]Although we’d love for every player to attend their scheduled photo time, we know conflicts come up.  To accommodate, we have a few options for you to consider:

  1. First, let us know that your player will not be able to attend and we can list them on the roster as ” Not pictured”.  And, we can schedule their individual photo on a different photo day or time.
  2. Second, if you are looking for something more, we offer a “Digital Insert” package for a reasonable fee ($50 – includes Package B regularly $36). We can insert your player into the team photo.

The quality is exceptional, but we must know about this special request prior to taking the team photo. Call our studio for more information at 218-512-0373.

[tab title=”Place your order!”]

  1. No forms to bring to photo day!
  2. Use your credit or debit card in our secure shopping cart.
  3. If you place your order before your photo day, we’ll deliver everything with the rest of your team by default.
  4. Need to order after? Go ahead, and choose to pickup your order here at the studio, or we can ship it right to your doorstep.
  5. When ordering on-line, please place your order 24 hours prior to photo day so we can have your player’s paperwork ready.

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  • We accept cash, check, credit or debit card at the photo day shoot.
  • Please, USE YOUR ORDER ENVELOPE, fill it out, insert payment and send it with your player.  We do spend considerable time and energy making sure that every player gets an envelope.  Thanks!
  • But if you don’t have an envelope, and don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always download our PRINTABLE PDF version. Paperclip your check to this form on photo day and you’ll be all set!

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