Fargo Youth Hockey – 2018 Photo Days

Fargo Freeze Hockey!  The season is rolling and that means team photos with BOT…


We will be taking team and individual photos at the Southwest Youth Ice Arena, Friday November 16th through Monday the 19th.


Let us know if you have any questions.  See you next week!  -BOT

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Friday November 16th, 2018
Camera 1 Community Room Camera 2 Fencing Room
4:30 PM OPEN 4:30 PM OPEN
4:45 PM OPEN 4:45 PM 15UA
5:00 PM OPEN 5:00 PM OPEN
5:15 PM OPEN 5:15 PM OPEN
5:30 PM INSERT 5:30 PM 12UB Blue
6:00 PM 10UA 6:00 PM 10UB Gray
6:15 PM OPEN 6:15 PM 10UB Blue
6:30 PM 12UA 6:30 PM OPEN
6:45 PM PW B1 Gray UPDATED 6:45 PM 14U
7:00 PM OPEN 7:00 PM OPEN
7:15 PM OPEN 7:15 PM OPEN
7:30 PM OPEN 7:30 PM OPEN
7:45 PM OPEN 7:45 PM OPEN
Saturday November 17th, 2018
Camera 1 Community Room Camera 2 Fencing Room
7:30 AM OPEN 7:30 AM OPEN
7:45 AM OPEN 7:45 AM OPEN
8:00 AM T2 Beavers 8:00 AM T2 Huskies
8:15 AM T2 Broncos 8:15 AM T2 Sea Wolves
8:30 AM T2 Dutchmen 8:30 AM M3 Flyers
8:45 AM M3 Stars 8:45 AM M3 Wild
9:00 AM OPEN 9:00 AM OPEN
9:15 AM T2  Bears 9:15 AM T2 Buckeyes
9:30 AM T2 Bobcats 9:30 AM T2 Sun Devils
9:45 AM T2 Wolverines 9:45 AM M3 Bruins
10:00 AM M3 Redwings 10:00 AM M3 Rangers
10:15 AM M2 Devils 10:15 AM M2 Kings
10:30 AM M2 Flames 10:30 AM M2 Lightning
10:45 AM T1 Force 10:45 AM T1 Terriers
11:00 AM T1 Raiders 11:00 AM T1 Warriors
11:15 AM M2 Sharks 11:15 AM M2 Sabres UPDATED
11:30 AM T1 Chargers 11:30 AM T1 Phantoms
11:45 AM T1 Lakers 11:45 AM T1 Pioneers
12:00 PM T1 Catamounts 12:00 PM T1 Falcons
12:15 PM M1 Penguins 12:15 PM M1 Panthers
12:30 PM M1 Blues 12:30 PM M1 Capitals
12:45 PM T3 Hawks 12:45 PM T3 Lions
1:00 PM T3 Eagles 1:00 PM T3 Gophers
1:15 PM M2 Coyotes 1:15 PM M2 Predators
1:30 PM M2 Jets 1:30 PM OPEN
1:45 PM T1 Bulldogs 1:45 PM T1 Wildcats
2:00 PM 8U Bruins 2:00 PM 8U Patriots
2:15 PM 8U Hawks 2:15 PM 8U Whalers
2:30 PM T3 Tigers 2:30 PM T3 Nanooks
2:45 PM T3 Spartans 2:45 PM OPEN
3:00 PM OPEN 3:00 PM OPEN
3:15 PM OPEN 3:15 PM OPEN
3:45 PM T3 Badgers 3:45 PM T3 Maverics
4:00 PM T3 Knights 4:00 PM OPEN
4:15 PM OPEN 4:15 PM OPEN
4:30 PM OPEN 4:30 PM OPEN
4:45 PM OPEN 4:45 PM OPEN
5:00 PM OPEN 5:00 PM OPEN
Monday November 19th, 2018
Camera 1 Community Room Camera 2 Fencing Room
4:00 PM Squirt B Maroon 4:00 PM Squirt B Orange
4:20 PM Squirt B Green 4:20 PM Squirt B1 Gray
4:40 PM Squirt A Blue 4:40 PM Squirt A Black
5:00 PM PW  B Purple 5:00 PM PW B Maroon
5:20 PM PW B  Green 5:20 PM Squirt B Navy
5:40 PM Squirt B Gold 5:40 PM Squirt B1 White
6:00 PM Bantam B1 Gray 6:00 PM Bantam B1 White
6:20 PM INSERT 6:20 PM PW B1 White
6:40 PM PW B1 Navy 6:40 PM OPEN
7:00 PM Bantam AA 7:00 PM Bantam A
7:20 PM PWA  Blue 7:20 PM PWA Black
7:40 PM Bantam B Maroon 7:40 PM Bantam Green
8:00 PM Bantam B Gold 8:00 PM OPEN
8:20 PM OPEN 8:20 PM OPEN


[tab title=”Digital Insert”]Although we’d love for every player to attend their scheduled photo time, we know conflicts come up.  To accommodate, we have a few options for you to consider:

  1. First, let us know that your player will not be able to attend and we can list them on the roster as ” Not pictured”.  And, we can schedule their individual photo on a different photo day or time.
  2. Second, if you are looking for something more, we offer a “Digital Insert” package for a reasonable minimum purchase of $50.  With some simple planning to leave an empty space in the team photo, we can take your player’s photo separately and digitally insert them into the photo like they were there.

The quality is exceptional, but we must know about this special request prior to taking the team photo. Call our studio for more information at 218-512-0373.

[tab title=”Place your order!”]

  1. No forms to bring to photo day!
  2. Use your credit or debit card in our secure shopping cart.
  3. If you place your order before your photo day, we’ll deliver everything with the rest of your team by default.
  4. Need to order after? Go ahead, and choose to pickup your order here at the studio, or we can ship it right to your doorstep.
  5. When ordering on-line, please place your order 24 hours prior to photo day so we can have your player’s paperwork ready.

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/product-category/team-individual-orders/” size=”large” color=”#f6a800″]Place your order online now![/button][hr]

  • We accept cash, check, credit or debit card at the photo day shoot.
  • Please, USE YOUR ORDER ENVELOPE, fill it out, insert payment and send it with your player.  We do spend considerable time and energy making sure that every player gets an envelope.  Thanks!
  • But if you don’t have an envelope, and don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always download our PRINTABLE PDF version. Paperclip your check to this form on photo day and you’ll be all set!

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PRINTABLE-ONLINE-ORDER-FORM-2018.pdf” size=”large” color=”#f6a800″ window=”yes”]Printable Order Form[/button]