Hope Lutheran Church

  • When & Where

    Hope South, Thursday Apr 29th

    Hope North, Thursday, May 6th

    Check the Sign-up Genius from Hope for your specific time.

  • COVID-19
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with the church to take precautions that minimize contact between the students during the photo shoot.  We have chosen to shoot both the solo portrait of the student and a secondary shot for the group composite all on green-screen this season.
    • Once the two photos are taken, your student is done and we will take care of the rest.  We will not be shooting a large group photo, instead a large composite will be created of your campus group to used in the Memory Mate and group photo products.
    • Please follow the church’s guidance and stick to your scheduled photo time.  These photo times will be just long enough to get a great shot while providing distance between the students.  But there may not be any extra time, so please arrive a few minutes early, wait in the parking lot until just before your scheduled time, and come in dressed and ready.
    • All orders can be placed online through the links below prior to the photo day.  No paperwork is required at the photo shoot though.  Please, let us know if you have questions!

1 Place your order online.

Due to COVID-19 our preference is definitely contactless online ordering.  Please place your order online prior to photo day, April 29th, 2020.  But if you choose the printable form, please place it and your check for payment in an envelope with your student’s name on the outside.

2 Arrive with your scheduled group.

The church will provide you the photo schedule, to keep things organized and flowing smoothly, please arrive on time.  No paperwork is necessary…  See you at the shoot!  BOT


Confirmation Orders


Confirmation Orders