ND Elite Cheer


Monday, February 22nd starting at 6:00pm

ND Elite Gym (map)

758 34th St N Suite K, Fargo


Team Sport Orders


Team Sport Orders

What to know:

  • Presto @ 6pm
  • Warriors @ 6:30pm (4 athletes + 10 volunteers)
  • Illusion @ 7pm
  • Social Distancing is requiredArrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled photo time, be dressed and ready for photos, and join the line but remain 6 feet apart.
  • Please have your athlete in attendance regardless if you’re ordering or not.  We need a photo of each player and coach to create a complete team photo.
  • Our preference is contact-less online ordering. If you did not place your order online, please allow a couple extra minutes to place your order with a BOT staff member.
  • Full uniform including your hat, bat, racquet, gloves, etc.  
  • NEW this season!  Siblings DO NOT have to be photographed together.
  • When placing your sibling order, list the teams/groups for each sibling.
  • If there is a sibling not playing this sport but you would like them in the photo (.i.e., gymnastics little sister) then we will take her photo alongside your player.  Talk to a BOT staff member for more information.
  • Photos will be delivered to your coach or team manager.  They will be notified when to pickup and distribute.
  • When ordering on-line you have three options:  Deliver with Team, Ship by USPS (shipping fees will apply) or Pick-Up for free at the BOT Studio.

  • New Design!

    We have created a new design for 2020 allowing for flexibility and social distancing.  Two photos will be taken of each player, one for their standard pose and one for the team photo.

    Your team photo will look even better this season!  And BOT doesn’t have to take a group

    photo to create a great team photo.  We are very proud of these new designs for 2020 and we’re sure you’ll love the results!


    Markers will be in place to keep each athlete in line 6-feet apart.

    NO SHARING of bats, jerseys, gloves, hats, balls etc.  Please have your athlete bring their own equipment for their individual photo.

    No contact photo – we will only give your child verbal instructions on adjusting their jersey, hat, etc.

    Modified Team Photo – Athletes will be photographed individually, and we will be create an great team photo from the shots.

    Be Prepared – please have your child prepared for their photo – uniform on, jersey tucked, gloves and stick in hand.

    Pre-Order – Please have your child’s photo order completed before photo day, this will cut-down on the number of people in the building.

Show your Team Spirit!