1. Break the Ice

We encourage all of our clients to come in before their actual session for a sit-down meet and greet.  It’s a great opportunity to visit our studio and visit about the details of what will be your B.O.T. experience.  We can talk about any specific locations you want to go to (park, downtown, favorite hangout), what you want to wear, what you should bring with you, who you want to bring with you, etc.   All of our senior sessions include a free mini-session with your friend(s), family, sibling(s) or pet, so be sure and take advantage of that.   We will also travel to your lake or farm or cabin in the woods for a mileage fee that begins 20 miles from the door of our studio.

2.  Choose Your Session

Our sessions are broken down by the number of outfit changes you would like to have.  It’s really that easy.  The more outfits, the longer the session, the more variety you have and ultimately, more photos to choose from.  The “Digital Big Picture”  is where most of our clients end up and seems to be the happy medium in our line-up.    But hey, we don’t want to try and force you in to anything, so pick whatever works best for you.   Session fees are due the day of your session.

3.  Smile and Have Fun

Arrive at the studio with all of your outfits, sports equipment, dog, bicycle, little brother, friend, whatever you want,  and get ready to have a fun day.   Bring an iPod if you want to listen to some tunes in the studio, or a frisbee to toss around with a friend while we are at a park.  Anything to make it more enjoyable for you.  If you are enjoying your time with us, it come across in your photos, trust us.  Our style is loose, flexible and keep-it-fresh.   We avoid using the same locations over and over and are always looking for a place that fits you the best.  We are conveniently located near downtown, several parks and some really great industrial park-type areas, which makes it very easy to get a lot of variety in your session without wasting time driving all over town.   By the way, we have a ‘no-rush’ policy here.  The session lengths are listed with each session, but are only a guide.  Relax.  It’s all about you today.

4.  The Online Gallery and Proof Book

Ok, fast forward a week or so……   Your photos have been taken, downloaded, carefully edited, and professionally prepared for you to view online as well as in a printed format we call “The Proof Book”.  (Pretty clever, huh?)  To obtain the password for your online gallery and get this aforementioned “Proof  Book” in your hands, we ask that you visit us again at the studio and pay your remaining balance.  While you are here, we also ask to you allow 10 minutes or so for us to show you how to access your gallery, give you some tips on navigating your way around our website, explain how to order pictures online, and answer any general questions you may have regarding your session.

5.  To Go Digital, or not to Go Digital?   That is the question.

First off, what is Go Digtial?  Well, it’s not just a CD with your pictures on it, because that is boring and would probably just end up sitting on your computer desk.  It is however, anywhere access to full-resolution copies of your entire session via our website.  With your digital session package, you may simply go to your online proofing gallery,  click a button that says ‘download image’ and BLAMMO, the original file goes right to your computer.   Pretty easy.  But wait, there’s more.   Your gallery will never expire and your photos remain available indefinitely, hosted comfortably in ‘the cloud’ as they say.  (…kids, explain what we mean by ‘the cloud’ to your parents if need be.)

Oh, and guess what?  Being a Go Digital customer also means that you get HUGE discounts ( like 15%-75% off HUGE) on your print order, not to mention you can get our best-selling 5×7 one-sided announcement cards for $0.79 a piece, with envelopes.  We think this is a really, really good deal and highly recommend you give it a look.