West Fargo Baseball – 2019 Photo Days

Are you ready for some West Fargo Baseball! The photo schedule is CORRECTED!


We have a few things to note so that the photos go as smoothly as possible…


[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]All photos will be taken south of Young Field (WF Legion Field) and east of the Young Field Cages and Tee Stations at Elmwood South.  You’ll find us along the walking path.


[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]Order forms will be available from your coach this week and on photo day, but all ordering can be done online here by following the link below.  A printable PDF is also available.


[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]Players should arrive 10 minutes early in full uniform with his/her bat, and gather together with their team.  Gloves will not be needed.


[dropcap2]4[/dropcap2]If we have to make a weather call, we have designated Wednesday and Thursday as the RAIN MAKE-UP DAYS. DO NOT assume that if it is raining where you are the photos are cancelled! Watch this page and the West Fargo Baseball page for the official details, but as always your coach should have the best information.


[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/product-category/team-individual-orders/” text=”dark” window=”no” color=”#f6a800″]Order Online[/button] [button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/ORDER-FORM-05-17-19.pdf” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Printable Order Form[/button] [button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BOTPIX-PRODUCT-INFO-03-25-19.pdf” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Printable Product Info[/button]


Let us know if you have any questions.  See you next week!  -BOT

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[tab title=”Photo Day Schedule”]

Current as of 6/7/2019

Picture Night – Monday & Tuesday

June 10th & 11th

West Fargo – Elmwood South – East of the batting cages

Changes marked in GREEN

Team Sponsor Photo Time
78.1 HuHot Team 1 Tue 6/11  5:00 PM
78.2 Simonson Station Store Mon 6/10  5:00 PM
78.3 HuHot Team 2 Tue 6/11  5:07 PM
78.4 Platinum Homes Mon 6/10  5:07 PM
78.5 General Equipment Mon 6/10  5:15 PM
78.6 Bredahl and Associates Tue 6/11  5:15 PM
78.7 NORTHSTAR Tue 6/11  5:22 PM
78.8 BlackRidgeINSURANCE Tue 6/11  5:30 PM
78.9 Tharaldson Hospitality Mgmt Mon 6/10  5:30 PM
9.1 HuHot Mon 6/10  5:52 PM
9.2 First International Bank and Trust Mon 6/10  6:00 PM
9.3 Scheels Mon 6/10  6:07 PM
9.4 The Prescription Shop Mon 6/10  6:15 PM
9.5 Western State Bank Mon 6/10  6:22 PM
10.1 HuHot Team 1 Mon 6/10  6:30 PM
10.2 G&T Plumbing and Heating Mon 6/10  6:37 PM
10.3 Run Around Events Mon 6/10  7:00 PM
10.5 HuHot Team 2  Mon 6/10  6:45 PM
10.6 Taco Trompo Mon 6/10  7:07 PM
10.7 Paradise Pools Mon 6/10  7:15 PM
11.1 HuHot Tue 6/11  6:07 PM
11.2 Dustin Murray Construction Tue 6/11  6:15 PM
11.3 Apex Enigeering Group Tue 6/11  6:22 PM
11.5 SUNBELT Tue 6/11  6:37 PM
11.6 Bell Banks Tue 6/11  6:45 PM
12.1 UNITED RENTALS Tue 6/11  6:52 PM
12.2 CINTAS Tue 6/11  7:00 PM
12.3 HuHot Team 1 Tue 6/11  7:22 PM
12.4 SWEN PRODUCTS Tue 6/11  7:30 PM
12.5 HuHot Team 2 Tue 6/11  7:37 PM
12.6 GAMES GALORE Tue 6/11  7:45 PM
13.1 HuHot Tue 6/11  7:52 PM
13.2 Sign Pro Tue 6/11  8:00 PM
13.3 Fargo Trailer Center Tue 6/11  8:07 PM
13.4 North Dakota Prospectors Tue 6/11  8:15 PM
1415.1 Edward Jones Mon 6/10  7:37 PM
1415.2 Beyond Reality Mon 6/10  7:45 PM
1415.3 GRUBY TRANSPORT Mon 6/10  7:52 PM
1415.4 1st International Bank Mon 6/10  8:00 PM
9R 9 Travel Rattlers Tue 6/11  5:52 PM
9S 9Travel Spikes Tue 6/11  6:00 PM
10R 10 Travel Rattlers Tue 6/11  8:22 PM
11R 11Travel Rattlers Tue 6/11  8:37 PM
12R 12 Travel Rattlers Mon 6/10  8:07 PM
13R 13 Travel Rattlers Mon 6/10  8:15 PM
14R 14 Travel Rattlers Mon 6/10  8:22 PM

[tab title=”Digital Insert”]Although we’d love for every player to attend their scheduled photo time, we know conflicts come up.  To accommodate, we have a few options for you to consider:[hr]

  1. First, let us know that your player will not be able to attend and we can list them on the roster as ” Not pictured”.  And, we can schedule their individual photo on a different photo day or time.
  2. Second, if you are looking for something more, we offer a “Digital Insert” package for a reasonable minimum purchase of $50.  With some simple planning to leave an empty space in the team photo, we can take your player’s photo separately and digitally insert them into the photo like they were there.

The quality is exceptional, but we must know about this special request prior to taking the team photo. Call our studio for more information at 218-512-0373.

[tab title=”Place your order!”]

  1. No forms to bring to photo day!
  2. Use your credit or debit card in our secure shopping cart.
  3. If you place your order before your photo day, we’ll deliver everything with the rest of your team by default.
  4. Need to order after? Go ahead, and choose to pickup your order here at the studio, or we can ship it right to your doorstep.
  5. When ordering on-line, please place your order 24 hours prior to photo day so we can have your player’s paperwork ready.

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/product-category/team-individual-orders/” color=”#f6a800″ text=”dark”]Place your order online now![/button][hr]

  • We accept cash, check, credit or debit card at the photo day shoot.
  • Order envelopes are available at the photo shoot, fill it out, insert payment and send it with your player.
  • But if you don’t have an envelope, and don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always download our PRINTABLE PDF version. Paperclip your check to this form on photo day and you’ll be all set!

[button link=”https://www.botpix.com/wp-content/uploads/ORDER-FORM-05-17-19.pdf” size=”large” color=”#f6a800″ window=”yes” text=”dark”]Printable Order Form[/button]